Monday, July 8, 2013

The Heat is serviceable but nothing special

                Director: Paul Feig

The Heat is a serviceable comedy that provides a few laughs, but never really achieves its full potential. A lot of the funniest bits are in the trailer. Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock are both believable in their roles, but the script doesn't have too much for them to work with. They have a good rapport and their back and forth can be quite humorous. With better material, these two could make a hilarious movie.
                The film is pretty predictable overall, but I don’t think anyone came in expecting an original plot. It follows the formula found in many buddy-cop movies, that of a mismatched pair. Bullock is fastidious and by-the-book, while McCarthy is boorish and foul-mouthed. The main twist on the formula is that they are women.
The Heat gets sort of repetitive at times, with McCarthy’s obnoxious behavior often driving the comedy. It seems to have a message about women in the workplace, but it appears to be lost in the mix. This movie is definitely a step down from Feig’s previous effort Bridesmaids. It doesn't take the risks that film does.
The Heat is worth watching, but I would probably wait for a DVD rental

RATING: 6/10

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