Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Newest Additions to my Youtube Channel (music videos, live shows, film history, gaming)

I've recently added a few things to my Youtube Channel, which I'd like to link to here.

The first I'll mention is a video version of an article I recently wrote on the earliest science fiction films from 1895-1909.

I also uploaded a couple recordings of live music. One was shot by a friend of mine, Melissa Tarantola, at a Radiohead concert in 2012. The video is of the world premiere of their track "Full Stop".

The second was shot by me at a Clark concert this April in St. Louis, MO. Clark is a British electronic artist signed by Warp Records.

My channel featured an electronic track called "Oxycan" produced by a friend of mine from Columbia, MO who goes by the name of Beat Monk. 

I also made a video compilation showing the evolution of the Star Fox video game franchise.

Finally, I uploaded my unofficial music video for a track by VHS Head.

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