Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Review of and videos from Die Antwoord's concert in St. Louis

Last night I had the opportunity to see an act I've been listening to for a long time, South African rap group Die Antwoord. They performed in St. Louis, Missouri at a venue called The Pageant.

Unfortunately, the night started off in a negative way with the opening act of a St. Louis DJ named Billy Brown. The music he was spinning was not particularly offensive, but mediocre. It was really the MC he was with that made it obnoxious. He kept awkwardly dancing around and spouting gibberish that wasn't even entertaining. He seemed to even get angry at the crowd, who likely had no idea who he was, for not  responding to him. I almost felt embarrassed for him; it was hard to watch.

Luckily the main act was much better. It was pretty much everything I wanted out of a Die Antwoord show.

I wasn't that crazy about their most recent album, Donker Mag. However, seeing the songs off this album was pretty fun in a live setting. And they sprinkled in many of their older songs, including "Fatty Boom Boom", "Fok Julle Naaiers", "I Fink U Freaky", and "Evil Boy". Of course, they encored with their first hit. "Enter the Ninja."

You can tell that Ninja and Yolandi don't sound quite as polished live, but I appreciated here a more raw sound.

Below are some of the videos I took using my iPhone 5.

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